What does Lent mean to us this year? Spiritually, it’s about repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration, and above all, reflecting on the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the author of Lent. As we have begun Lent this year, let us remind ourselves about a couple of current realities. One is about the future of our denomination. Since 2016 General Conference, our unitedness is at stake over human sexuality issues, while the appointed Commission on Way Forward is prayerfully and thoughtfully looking for ways and means to create a resolution. Another reality that we face is about the future of our nation. Since the new administration was voted to federal power, the gift of diversity with multiple cultures and languages, which is both a beauty and blessing of this nation, is at stake. May I invite the United Methodists here in Wisconsin to focus on and uphold these two matters in prayers during 2017 Lent? Pray for strength, courage, faith, grace, wonders, miracles, the power of Resurrection, God’s will, purpose and plan, victimized people and families, especially children, leaders of church and nation, shalom among United Methodists and residents of USA, and experiencing and expressing the Fruit of the Spirit. May Lent this year throw more light on our commitment to discipleship, which will continue to lead us to Christ, Church and community! Prayers go up; blessings come down!