Greetings, congregations of the Wisconsin Annual Conference in Christ:With gratitude to God and to the people of the Wisconsin Conference, we are pleased to report that the trend of recent months stayed steady with another month of average apportionment receipts in November, leaving us at 65.5% of apportionments paid. That’s .4% above last year, but .1% and .5% below our 5- & 10-year averages, respectively. Our Conference Treasurer’s year-end projection is 82.7%. The next few weeks and days are critical to achieve 82.7% or more, as local churches consider apportionment giving as their priority for supporting Conference level and beyond ministries within the framework of The United Methodist Church. We thank every United Methodist, lay and clergy, and every local congregation, specifically Church Councils and Finance Committees, for your continued generous commitment to support the diverse ministries that continue to impact individuals and communities here and everywhere.

Your apportionments help to afford care and support for children with AIDS and to speak out against violence in the Middle East, which is creating a new generation of orphans. Your apportionments are paying for teachers, pastors, and missionaries around the world—in Russia, Korea, and Africa, to name a few. The United Methodist Church is the only Protestant denomination allowed to maintain a permanent presence in Russia. The General Board of Discipleship's Upper Room division hosted the first ever Emmaus Walk in Russia in 2008. Our funds to the World Methodist Council have made it possible for Wesleyan churches to be established in 132 countries. United Methodists gave $20.8 million to support victims of the 9/11 attacks. To date, 99% of the funds collected have been distributed with no administrative fees. The funds raised for Hurricane Katrina relief have aided 120,000 families. The 2004 tsunami relief effort was the largest ever by the United Methodist Church. These multiple examples of support to global and local missions continue to impact precious people who are in the image of God, the loving and graceful God. Thanks be to God!

There are number of resources available to promote apportionment giving in the Conference, such as this video from Bishop Jung and our Apportionment Exploration Guide. With any questions, contact Director of Connectional Ministries Sam Royappa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 608-837-7328. Please let us know how we can partner together in this great journey. Thank you and have a blessed Christmas and a very bright New Year 2016.