Is your church ready to do something different to REACH new people in your community? Then the REACH Summit is for you! Pastors and church leaders are encouraged to come in teams to the annual REACH Summit October 16-17 in Lansing, Michigan to spark creativity, inspire your leadership and transform your church. If your church is ready to attract new members, make new disciples and take a leap of faith to become a vital and growing ministry, register for the summit today with your ministry team. Then, after the REACH Summit weekend, subsequent REACH Network Groups will be formed for more opportunities of learning and networking throughout the year with other pastors and church leaders developing the same new ministry focus in their local churches. The 2015 REACH Summit will be integrated with the 2015 NCJ-CORRConference. NCJ-CORR events begin on the morning of October 16, and will continue after the REACH Summit concludes through Sunday morning, October 18. The registration fee for the NCJ-CORR Conference is $140/person, and includes participation in the 2015 REACH Summit. Click here for more information.If you are planning to attend the 2015 REACH Summit ONLY or would like to attend both the REACH Summit and NCJ-CORR Conference, you can register here.