Congregations of the Wisconsin Annual Conference in Christ: With gratitude to God and to the people of the Wisconsin Conference, we continue to celebrate God’s faithfulness as we share with you that August apportionments came in at right-about-average levels—a little lower than our 5- and 10-year averages, and a little higher than last year. So at 46.5% paid year-to-date, we’re still slightly above our 5-year average and where we were last year at this time. We rejoice with the people called The United Methodists here in Wisconsin for your continued generous commitment to support the diverse ministries that continue to impact individuals and communities here and everywhere.

Apportionments are our shared-giving that missionally bless people of all ages, nations and races--meeting their needs, locally and globally. We are grateful to God who continues to create ministry opportunities and possibilities for putting our gift of sharing into a sacred practice. We thank every United Methodist, lay and clergy, and every local congregation, members and leaders, for your continued generous support of extending your grace-filled capacity of sharing resources beyond local churches. The United Methodist Church continues to encourage teaching and preaching for the spiritual growth in giving and sharing.

What do apportionments do? One example is our support of the Africa University Fund. Located in Zimbabwe, Africa University (AU) is the first fully accredited Methodist institution on the African continent. It opened in 1992 with 40 students, and today boasts a student body of about 1,200, representing 22 countries. The university’s goal is to provide quality education and to encourage students to grow spiritually and to develop strong values and leadership skills. Students from 22 countries in the African continent are being blessed with high quality education, coupled with a promising future of job opportunities all over the world, because of our apportionments. Thanks be to God! There are number of resources available to promote apportionment giving in the Conference, such as this video from Bishop Jung and our Apportionment Exploration Guide. With any questions, contact Director of Connectional Ministries Sam Royappa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 608-837-7328. Please let us know how we can partner together in this great journey.