In June, our Wisconsin Annual Conference declared Sunday, November 8, 2015, to be a day of prayer for persecuted Christians. A challenge also came from those who wanted to expand the focus to include all persecuted people. Part of our theological task is to challenge all systems of oppression in which people are persecuted for their identity or circumstance, every day, everywhere. Nonetheless, focusing on a specific type of persecution can strengthen our faith and expand our capacity to “Do all the good we can by all the means we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can as long as ever we can,” to paraphrase John Wesley. To that end, a book study on Elias Chacour’s Blood Brothers might be one way to deepen your understanding of the persecution of Palestinian Christians. “The Stones Cry Out,” 2013, by Jasmine Perni, is another option. Click here to view trailer and here for the he DVD. Note there are several other films with this name that are not relevant to our November 8 needs. The Prayer  “For Courage to Do Justice” in the UM Hymnal #456 is also a good resource for the day.