Congregations of Wisconsin Annual Conference in Christ: Apportionments are an opportunity for sharing God-showered resources with local, national and global missions, within our Connectional System.With gratitude to God and to the people of Wisconsin Conference, we are pleased to report that we have received better receipts in June than May results. We’re now at 34.6% of apportionments received, which is just a little above last year and a little below our 5-year average. We thank every United Methodist, lay and clergy, and every local congregation, members and leaders, for your continued generous commitment to support the diverse ministries that continue to impact individuals and communities here and everywhere. What do apportionments do? The World Service Fund is one of the seven apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church. Basic to the financial program of The United Methodist Church, this vital fund helps to build new churches, prepare clergy and lay leaders, increase the number of young clergy and pay missionary salaries. It also helps to expand Bible studies, provide leadership for youth ministry, continue a proud tradition of cooperation and dialogue with other faith traditions through interdenominational and ecumenical work, and express the church’s commitment to God’s Kingdom of love through advocacy for peace and justice. Your continued generous participation in the apportionment payment helps the World Service Fund, which is the financial lifeline to a long list of Christian mission and ministry both in the USA and across the world. There are number of resources available to promote apportionment giving in the Conference, such as this video from Bishop Jung and our Apportionment Exploration Guide. With any questions, contact Director of Connectional Ministries Sam Royappa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 608-837-7328. Please let us know how we can partner together in this great journey.