Jan Ott, wife of retired Bishop Don Ott, passed away June 2, 2015. Bishop Ott recently expressed his thanks to Wisconsin for caring for him and his family as they grieved. He wrote, "Thank you for your care and concern to Jan and me over the past months leading to her death on June 2. You have been extraordinary. A “Service of Thanksgiving” at our Elm Grove Community UMC home congregation was on June 24. For months, to both of us, and in recent days, to me, you have shown your interest and support in ways innumerable…embraces at Conference, cards, emails, visits, invitations, offers to “do anything,” tenderness with our needs, attendance at the service, prayers offered, gifts in Jan's honor to Garrett Seminary, Carroll University, our congregation...and faith affirmations. I am very grateful. Our pastors, John Wells and Lizzie Weed have been attentive, helpful and wise. Bishop Hee-Soo and Im Jung have been extraordinary. Jan’s smile of gratitude always overpowered her body’s limits. My few words are meant to express my thanksgiving to you from both of us and our family."