Exciting news! Lake Lucerne is joining a great fundraising effort for the summer! What started as a trial effortat partner in ministry, Pine Lake, is being added to Lake Lucerne as well! As a way to raise awareness for checking for ticks (there seems to be a lot this year), our camps are seeking donors to sponsor an amount for each tick summer campers and their staff find on them. For each tick they find, a donation will be made to Imagine No Malaria. INM is an organization working hard to eradicate malaria from Africa. Lake Lucerne and Pine Lake are joining the Wisconsin Annual Conference in this effort and our camps are excited to see how much they can raise for this great cause!  For starters, each tick campers find will be worth $.05. But you can help us raise that amount! Will you consider adding to the cause? If you are interested, please contact Nick Coenen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..We will make sure your sponsorship is well known to campers so they can be motivated to keep ticks off them all summer, and to help a very worthy cause!