United Methodists once again responded with extravagant generosity on UMC #GivingTuesday. On December 2, 2014, more than $2.5 million was donated online through The Advance to support mission and ministries around the world. The denomination’s General Board of Global Ministries matched the first $1 million in gifts to help build excitement and leverage donations. More than 770 projects and missionaries received more 8,700 gifts through UMC #GivingTuesday. The response was global with donors from 25 countries giving generously. The Advance is the designated giving channel of the United Methodist Church. Noting that donors can partner with Advance projects and missionaries throughout the year, Thomas Kemper, who leads Global Ministries, said, “Having one day when United Methodists from around the world are united around giving shows the strength of the denomination’s connection, while strengthening the impact of the gifts to each ministry. Every gift made through The Advance this season makes a difference in the lives of the people they touch.” Click here to read more.