More than 680 United Methodist college students and young adults gathered Nov. 7-9 in Denver, Colorado, for Imagine What’s NEXT, a vocational discernment event that challenged participants to live out the event theme, “Dream. Go. Do.” “I see God’s Holy Spirit pouring itself out everywhere,” said Bishop Minerva Carcaño, Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop in the California-Pacific Conference, who spoke at opening worship of the conference. Imagine What’s NEXT was an event for young adults designed to facilitate a fertile ground for imaginative work, focused specifically on the spaces where church/world and present/future meet. The event was organized by a launch team of college students, collegiate ministers and other creative disciples from across the United Methodist connection, and was sponsored by the Division of Higher Education of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.The Bishop praised the guidance of the Holy Spirit that has touched many young people in her Conference. “I’ve seen the Holy Spirit blessing college students who didn’t grow up in the church, didn’t grow up knowing Jesus,” she said. “But even when no one takes us to Jesus, he’s still finds us and blesses us.” Click here to read more and click here to see pictures from the event.