Onalaska UMC is raising money to build an addition onto their church. The proposed addition will build a new narthex/lobby with a parking-lot level covered drop-off and entrance, new and larger handicapped-accessible restrooms, easier access to the lower level fellowship hall, and lots of room for storage or future expansion on the lower level.

One of the fundraisers for the addition is the recent annual “chickencue.” Ben Martens has been the chief organizer of the event for the past two years, and was featured in a recent La Crosse Tribune article. Martens has been a church member since 2010. He is not able to work because of his cerebral palsy, but in the article, he says, “I don’t have a lot of money... Everybody has been so kind to me, so organizing the chickencue is my way of giving back, because they’ve given so much to me.” Pastor Park Hunter is also interviewed in the article and says of Martens, “I know a lot of people who are inspired by him. They say if Ben can do this, they can do things, too. He really is a leader in the congregation.”

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