Have you ever had a member of your congregation who is in attendance EVERY Sunday not show up for service? Have you ever had a medical emergency occur during a service? What do you do? Obviously call 911 for the medical emergency, but Fountain Park United Methodist Church in Sheboygan recently had a member not show up for Sunday service.

Phone calls were made to his home several times without any answer. Two members of the congregation drove to his apartment to check if he was there. There was no answer again. Who do we contact without having the police do a wellness check? All ended well in this situation as he was out of town, but the church decided that an emergency contact card for members of the congregation would make this situation less stressful and easier to handle.

With input from a retired police dispatcher who is a member of their congregation, Fountain Park adopted such a card, asking all members to fill it out. These cards are kept on file in the office with only the minister, secretary, and head ushers having access to them as confidential information is included on the card. They may never have to use this card system, but pertinent information is now documented if needed. View the front and back of the contact card they are using.

If your church would like to implement a similar program, you can download the Emergency Contact Card as a Word doc and amend as necessary.