Following the inspiring presentation offered by Bishop Jung, Cudahy UMC held its own luncheon in April for interfaith leaders to discuss “what we can do to work together for the betterment of our corner of Southeastern Wisconsin.”

While feasting on a salad bar counter balanced by some sinful deserts contributed by Cudahy's own Jen's Sweet Treats, members of the Islamic Da'Wa Center, Milwaukee Interfaith Conference, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Serving, the UMC Church, the Episcopal Diocese, and Aurora Saint Luke's Hospital were able to freely share ongoing and planned projects. The main focus rapidly turned to the unique issues facing today's youth and young adults and how we as a community of faith can address these issues.

The upcoming "Safe Haven" coffee shop for high-schoolers at Cudahy UMC brought some welcome suggestions. Notes, concerns, and questions were discussed easily on multiple projects for all communities as everyone was pleased to be of service to the others and to share their experience and knowledge. While no plans were made for a formal next meeting, volunteers have already been shared, as have resources and contacts with questions and suggestions.