What a blessing! On Wednesday, March 21, the Sun Prairie United Methodist Church ended its LOGOS year with a 20-year celebration. LOGOS has been in existence at this church touching the lives of children and youth since 1998. “It is with great rejoicing that we celebrate our 20th year of the LOGOS ministry at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church!,” shares Pastor Jenny Arneson.

Pastor Arneson continues, “LOGOS has been a signature ministry of our faith community that has reached out beyond the walls of our church and into our surrounding communities to guide children and youth in discovering their relationship with God and build a foundation for that relationship to grow in their lives. The LOGOS cornerstones of Bible Study, Worship Skills, Family Time and Recreation have helped children and youth grow authentic relationships intergenerationally with their peers and adult teachers and mentors. It is a blessing to continue to see LOGOS grow and flourish at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church.”

LOGOS is a midweek ministry. As Pastor Arneson says, the core focus of the ministry is to build relationships with God and with others in your church family of all ages. GenOn Ministries is the parent organization for this ministry across the U.S. and Canada.

As part of the celebration current LOGOS families and volunteers enjoyed a meal together. A short program followed. In addition to traditional year end pieces, this year’s celebration included two important recognitions. Eric Guelker was recognized as being the only volunteer to serve all 20 years in the LOGOS ministry at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church. Eric and his family continue to be very active in the ministry with their youngest daughter participating in the middle school program and his wife, Theresa, volunteering as well.

Deb and Rick Mulhern were also honored as the founding family of the Sun Prairie United Methodist Church LOGOS Ministry. Deb started the LOGOS program in 1998 and served as the Director of LOGOS for 17 years before transitioning to her current staff role as Director of Connecting Ministry. Deb and Rick continue to take a number of high school and college students along with adult leaders to Colorado each summer for the GenOn West Youth Summit. This summer will be the church’s 14th year attending the Summit.

If your family or church would like to learn more about the LOGOS ministry current Director Amanda Hinthorn would be happy to chat with you. “I believe it takes a large number of adults to raise our children in faith. LOGOS gives our children and youth a chance to build those relationships in safe, caring environments while they have the chance to grow spiritually as well,” Hinthorn says.

“I would love to be able to share with more families in our community this amazing opportunity to lay a good foundation for each child as they navigate the world we live in today. We as parents needs as much help and support as we can get as we nurture our children into young adults.”

The church will also take time to celebrate 20 years of LOGOS as part of their worship in mid April. Staff and LOGOS volunteers will begin to plan for the 21st year of LOGOS later this summer. Registration will begin in August with LOGOS starting in October.