In January, the Westby United Methodist Church opened its doors and reached out to the community by being the new location for the Westby Senior Meal Site. The Vernon County Unit on Aging needed a new stable and secure location for serving their lunchtime meals to seniors in the Westby area, and now they are using the fellowship hall at Westby UMC for this.

Due to the unfavorable locations that housed the meal site, attendance dropped from twenty plus to only two seniors utilizing the meal. In one week at Westby UMC, meal coordinator Lynette Johnson says, "Attendance has grown from two to eight, and that doesn't even include the two regulars that are ill.” Lynette says the central location of Westby UMC, and the extended hours that the seniors can be in the building are two good reasons for the increase.

The Senior Meals are served Monday through Thursday; and the church is open from 11:00-1:00 for this activity. By having the meals served at the church, it allows the seniors time to share a meal and fellowship with each other after the meal.