Exponential Church Leader Coaching is a year-long, relationship-based coaching network led by Stan Pegram that was previously featured in ENews. Robb McClintock, Pastor of Bethany UMC Green Bay, shares his experience with the coaching network.

I've been a part of this incredible group for one year now and am very excited to start my second. This has undoubtedly been one of the greatest experiences of practical education since seminary and has taken my pastoral leadership skills to the next level. If you are, in any way, reflecting on your pastoral functioning and church life and honestly thinking, "I'm not experiencing the thrilling, life-giving work that God called me to do," this group might be just what you need (as it was/is for me). This experience will help you to get better - or at least help you ask better questions and take some important steps in that direction.

Exponential helped me to remember that God did not call me to be an ineffective pastor and I that I get to make the choice to work on it and improve. God does not do a 'bait and switch' when calling persons to pastoral ministry. The thrilling call to pastor is still there for you! As your colleague in ministry, I want to see you be the best pastoral leader you can be and I ask you to encourage that in me. ECL is great stuff. You may already be involved in coaching or other experiences that are fueling your growth - great! Do that! But I suspect that many of us are not, so I just invite you and challenge you to do something to get better at what you do.

God has called you and our church needs you to pursue excellence. Pastoring is not easy. It's better if we go together.