On Sunday, December 3, members and friends of the Retreat UMC gathered for an annual tradition. Each year, members and friends of the church come together to celebrate the Christmas season with a shared meal and fellowship followed by a cookie workshop. During this workshop, those in attendance brought in and assembled packages of homemade Christmas cookies for local shut-ins and friends of the church who needed a little extra Christmas cheer during this time of the year.

Each package contained a sample of each kind of cookie producing some very beautiful (and delicious!) packages, along with a Christmas card from the church. After the cookie packages were assembled, they were delivered by various members. Pastor Jim Aniol's confirmation students even got in on the action, and helped deliver some of the packages. Everyone who received the packages were delighted to receive them, and were very thankful for the extra Christmas treat!

The Retreat UMC would also like to extend Christmas blessings to everyone across the conference.