On Sunday, December 3, Rhonda Grabko, Sr. Community and Provider Engagement Specialist of Wisconsin United Healthcare, drove four hours from Wausau, and showed up at Faith UMC with everything needed for a pork loin meal for Faith United Methodist Church’s free Sunday community meal, called “M.O.M.” (Meals Outreach Ministries). This ministry is organized and led by Bonnie Thoorsell and Alvina Tinsley. Rhonda worked with the crew peeling potatoes, cooking, serving, and even helping with clean-up. The meal served about 110 people.

When asked why United Healthcare chose Faith UMC’s MOM for a community outreach initiative, Rhonda replied that “I was told by community leaders in Douglas County that if I wanted to really do something good for Douglas County, a great way would be through this church with all these incredible ministries. So I called the church and found out about this meals ministry!”

Rev. Joel Certa-Werner commented, “We are just so honored by this incredible surprise and gift! United Healthcare, through Ms. Grabko, has truly blessed many in a significant way. God’s truly a big God who calls people and entities from all over the region to make a real difference in the lives of people here in Douglas County. Wow!”