Amy Fuselier, Director of UMCOR Relief Supplies, sent the following communication to Conference Disaster Response Coordinators and Relief Supplies Network Warehouses: “I wanted to take a minute to reach out to all of you and say thank you for the wonderful job that you all have done in rallying our churches and communities to produce the thousands of cleaning buckets that we have received. The response has been overwhelming. Because of your hard work and the generosity of the many members of the United Methodist Church, we have been able to assist those affected in Texas by Hurricane Harvey and those in Florida affected by Hurricane Irma. If or when the opportunity to assist those affected by Maria presents itself, we are certainly prepared to do so."

"We are currently watching our latest adversary, Hurricane Nathan. Should there be a need due to this storm, you all have helped us to be as prepared as possible. At this point in time, I am asking that you share with your contacts that we are nearing capacity with our cleaning buckets. Please let those who are currently working on this project to go ahead and complete their work. For those who have already made the cleaning buckets, they may deliver them to one of the affiliate warehouses in our Relief Network or directly to Sager Brown. But I am asking those who have not yet started new projects, to cease making new buckets until we are able to distribute some of those we have already received. Once we have reduced our inventory, we will need more to restock. Again, thank you for all of your hard work. It is much appreciated. Blessing to you all.”