In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, United Methodist Women is giving emergency funds to two National Mission Institutions in Texas to assist local families and communities during recovery.The Wesley Community Center in Houston is receiving a $9,500 emergency grant from United Methodist Women to help residents who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, either because of damage to their homes or through the loss of employment because of damages to their places of employment. The funds will be used to provide food as well as financial assistance with rent and utility needs for low-income families and individuals. The Wesley Community Centers of Nueces County, Texas, are receiving $9,500 to assist with providing food, clothing, transportation, personal hygiene products, supplies for babies and more for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Wesley is working in conjunction with local churches in Nueces County, United Way, local businesses as well as emergency response organizations to meet urgent needs of poor and underserved women, children and families. The Centers plan to continue the response into the future. Read story here.