On July 16th, Mount Horeb UMC did not have a formal worship that morning. Instead the congregation served at Hearts & Hands, a local daycare, and had a short prayer service at church. More than 60 people did work throughout the daycare building, in the play yards, and around the perimeter of their grounds. Sound gardens, a bridge, and a pallet house were built and installed. Weeds were pulled and cut down. Inside the building, ice packs were made, and books and dress-up clothes were repaired. Children washed and dried toys. While still others sorted doll clothes. Some made playdoh in the kitchen. There were so many things accomplished in a few short hours. The teachers and staff at Hearts & Hands said, “Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication…but, the children are the ones who are most thankful, as seen in their smiling faces.” View letter.