In 2010, Milwaukee: Summerfield UMC decided to develop a meal program to handle the needs of people during Saturday evenings. It also gave the congregation the ability to connect with other churches within the United Methodist denomination, and to support them with food and other donations.

When it first started, Summerfield only shared food; and members had open conversations with the guests about their issues and needs. From that first experience, more services were created, including access to a computer, clothing, showers and a unique ministry in which a few members mended the guests’ clothing. To date, Summerfield has served close to 14,000 people in its six years of running this program.

The congregation is proud of the ministry, and the relationships built with the guests who have been served. This small congregation is doing what it can to help the lives of people in need, and is demonstrating that they care about the people who need support within the community. Learn more from the Milwaukee Food Council newsletter!