On January 25, 2017, the Mens' Club of the Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church served its 82nd annual Lumberjack Supper to 625 diners. The Lumberjack Supper began in 1935 when many of the church men were employed on great lakes ships, and home during the winter month with not much to do. Their wives told them to serve a meal at the church, which they did successfully (some of the men were cooks on the ships), and, except for one year during WWII, has gone on annually. The meal consists of corned beef, roasted pork, cabbage, rutabaga, potatoes and gravy, apple sauce, baked beans and pie. The apple sauce is made by the men from five bushels of apples donated by a church apple grower. The menu has remained the same over the years; currently including approximately 650 pounds of corned beef, 350 pounds of pork roast, and 1,000 pounds of vegetables. The original dinner cost 35 cents; this year, $15. As many as 825 people were served one year. The money earned has paid for the weekly church radio broadcast on a local station, church advertising in local newspapers, the church Boy Scout troop, Society of St. Andrew, and a variety of church projects. As many as 100 church and community men participate in cooking and serving the meal.