“God continues to bless the relationship building that Emmanuel Church is doing in its surrounding neighborhood,” Appleton:Emmanuel UMC Pastor Ben Morris said. In the past year, Emmanuel has been in mission to its neighbor at Edison Elementary in several ways, by collecting books and volunteering as reading partners with students. “Recently, God has guided Emmanuel into a mission opportunity with our neighbors at Edison,” Morris said. Madeline Herrmann, the art teacher at Edison Elementary, believes that art can be an integral part of the healing process. She recognized a need through a personal relationship of a young person undergoing chemotherapy and spending long days at the hospital. Mrs. Herrmann also desired to instill the importance of service in her students. She had a vision of her art students making coloring books that could be utilized at by patients and family members at Children’s Hospital in Neenah. But a partner was needed to help gather art supplies and create something to store the coloring books. The United Methodist Women from Emmanuel Church gathered materials and invited all of the congregation’s sewers to participate. “Fifty beautiful handmade tote bags were produced that will hold donated art supplies from Emmanuel Church members and the coloring books made by Edison Students,” Morris said. ”Thanks be to God for the building of relationships and the sharing of gifts!”