On January 28, the Wisconsin Conference Hispanic Caucus held a united service for all Hispanic churches at Luz a Las Naciones UMC in Milwaukee. This is one of several events scheduled by the Caucus each year, but the 230 participants – including Bishop Jung - had something special in mind for this gathering: honoring Rev. Rosita Mayorga and her abundant ministry. Heidi Careaga, South East District Office Manager, said the celebration was a surprise to Rosita. “Most of the churches participated with either a song or a poem dedicated to Rosita, and some also gave her gifts,” she said.

Rev. Rosa Maria Mayorga, affectionately known as Pastora Rosita, immigrated to New York from El Salvador In 1981 with her husband Jorge Mayorga. There, Pastora Rosita began her journey as a leader in the Church as an SPRC president and lay preacher. In 1990, the Mayoraga family moved to Waukegan, Illinois, and became members of the Hispanic Ministry at Kenosha: Emmanuel UMC. Over the next seven years, Pastora Rosita would lay the foundations for La Resurrection of Lake Geneva UMC, Vida Abundante UMC Hispanic ministry in Delavan, and Cristo la Roca UMC in Whitewater. She has served as a pastor in eight congregations – two Hispanic and six English-speaking – and has served in leadership roles in numerous caucuses, boards, and agencies at local, jurisdictional, and national levels. She became an Ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church in 2015.

Other highlights from the event included keynote speaker Ricardo Torrez from the Hispanic ministry of Green Bay Vida Nueva UMC. The evening ended with dinner, and before Bishop left, he made friends with one-year-old Mariely Esther Santiago Medina, daughter of Maryselis Medina and Wilfrido Santiago of Vida Nueva UMC. Click here to see pictures from the event.