Getting Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish would be enough of a project for most 80-year olds, but for Clarence Harms that was just a precursor to a much bigger adventure: doing missionary work in Guatemala for nearly six months. Harms was preparing to embark on missionary journeys and realized he needed to speak the same language the citizens of the area he’d be traveling to did. “If most of the places are in Spanish speaking countries, I’ll try to learn some Spanish,” Harms said. After traveling on his first mission trip to Latvia from March to July 2013, Harms returned wanting to do more, so he got involved with mission work through Faith United Methodist Church of Brillion before the Board of Global Ministries for the United Methodist Church helped Harms get his start. Harms traveled to Biloxi, Miss. for a three-day course for individual volunteers before his four-month stay in Latvia. “The one thing I needed in Latvia was to speak Latvian and of course I didn’t,” Harms said laughing. Click here to read the full story from the Brillion News.