In December, two school shooting incidents in Wisconsin caused deep alarm, pain, and anxiety.  The shooting at the Molson Coors campus raises concerns and fear for all.  In the Lenten spirit of repentance and deep introspection, I call us all to seek Gods healing mercy, justice, and peace.

My beautiful sisters, brothers, siblings in Christ, I ask you to pray with me.

For the victims of the shootings,

For their family and friends,

For those who succumb to desperate acts of violence,

For the continued abuse of firearms and weapons,

For our communities,

For our country,

For a world where we believe violence is a solution,

For a time when we devalue human life,

For a promise of everlasting peace, global justice, and transformative mercy.

Lord, hear our prayer,

In Jesus’  holy name, Amen.

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung