I am so thankful and excited to announce to our Wisconsin Annual Conference that as of July 31st, we have raised $814,270 for Imagine No Malaria (INM). As you hopefully know, we launched an Imagine No Malaria initiative over a year ago to raise $1 million for this life-saving effort in order to eliminate malaria in Africa. It’s sad to know that one person dies of malaria every 60 seconds. But we can do something about it! Malaria is preventable, treatable and beatable. This is a fight that we can win through prayers and action!

This year has brought many exciting changes for the future of our Conference – from the reorganization of the districts to the re-evaluation of our connection and future through Imagine Wisconsin Anew. But some of the greatest change has happened at the local church level – in the hearts and minds of people across the Conference as they, and their congregations, get involved in the extraordinary ministry of Imagine No Malaria. One thing I personally have witnessed and heard from others over the past few months: INM blesses the giver as much as it blesses the receiver. And as lives are saved in Africa, we are returning to our missional roots – in the Wisconsin Conference and all across our denomination.

I give thanks to those clergy, laity, and churches who have already made financial commitments to this cause. While we have almost reached our original goal, my belief is that we will surpass our goal! My hope is that every congregation in the Wisconsin Conference will participate! I ask that each church and person get involved with Imagine No Malaria now – through your prayers, advocacy and financial gifts.

Grace and Peace,

Hee-Soo Jung, PhD