Help Wanted

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Racine 1st U.M Congregation is seeking to hire a qualified person and is currently accepting applications. All applications must be addressed to the Church’s Administrative Assistant via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Applications deadline is Monday, July 15th 2019. Please include in your CVs three references, non-family relations, with active contact information.  Following the receipt and expiration of applications deadline, potential candidates will be invited for an interview.  

Position objectives:  The goals and objectives of our congregation are to reach out and be in ministry with all families that comprise its membership and the community in ways that would help us identify and address their specific ministry and mission oriented needs.  The fact that every member of a congregation belongs to and comes from a family cannot be denied.  The family is the basic and primary unit in the Church and the congregation.  We understand family in this ministry and mission context to include parents, children, youth and young adults.

This holistic and team ministry approach implicitly defines the tasks and responsibilities of the Family Education and Nurture Coordinator.

Description of the ministry tasks and responsibilities of the coordinator:

  • Must be a person of genuine faith grounded in the love of God through Jesus Christ and willing to demonstrate that Christ-like love toward all persons.
  • Become familiar with our congregation’s overall mission and ministry goals to determine how these goals are achieved through ministry with families in our congregation and the larger community.  In summary, our goal is to seek reliable members for our congregation, equip them with God’s word, and deploy them for faithful service in our community to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world (Matt. 28:19-20; 2Tim. 2:2).
  • The coordinator will seek to identify the hopes, concerns and ministry needs of families both in our congregation and the community to determine how best to serve them. The coordinator will keep the pastor, administrative staff and congregation informed about those needs, hopes and concerns identified for discussion and appropriate ministry and missional responses.
  • The coordinator will liaise with every ministry team to identify resources and ensure programs consider the congregation’s ministry and mission goals in relationship to families.
  • The coordinator will help plan and carry out varied and wide-ranging family-oriented programs and events to include worship, Bible study, Sunday School, VBS, fellowship and service opportunities.
  • The coordinator will help the media coordinator in accessing, importing and transferring vital information from various sources to support families.
  • The coordinator will work directly with and is accountable to the pastor and in collaboration with others in the discharge of their mission and ministry tasks.


  • Be creative and adaptable to all ministry and mission settings and circumstances as they may present themselves.
  • Must be personable, gets along with people and makes friends with people with the hope of recruiting and building ministry and missions teams.
  • Must have some basic skills in the use of modern technology including computers and projection systems.
  • Must have skills in leadership, organization, curriculum development, recruitment and supervision of volunteers.


  • Must understand family systems, especially as it relates to Christian life and ministry.
  • Must have basic skills in the use of computers and media technology and the ability to train others.  Ability to upload and download programs, use projection systems, power point, face book and Instagram accounts on the Church’s website.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other ministry and mission teams as well as independently on projects.
  • Must be flexible and adaptable in terms of the use of time and resources in the interest of fulfilling the overall ministry and mission goals and objectives of the congregation to the glory of God.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact the Church’s Office either by email or phone # (262) 633-7632 Tuesday thru Friday, 8:30 – Noon. 

Thanks for your interest, and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.