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Archives Retreat
From Friday, September 07, 2018
To Saturday, September 08, 2018
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Celebrating 50 years of The United Methodist Church

Don’t miss the eighth annual Archives Retreat as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the union of The Methodist and The Evangelical United Brethren Churches that formed The United Methodist Church.

The year was 1968—one the most turbulent years of the 20th century. Indeed, the events of those twelve months continue to shape and define our world today. One event defined our Church. For in the midst of this national, and indeed world-wide upheaval, the Methodist and the Evangelical United Brethren Churches met at their Uniting Conference in Dallas to complete their Union. Join us as we explore the history that led up to this defining moment in our history as United Methodists.

Learn more about the genealogy of the two denominations that came together in 1968 to form The United Methodist Church. What were the commonalities and hopes that brought them together? And what were the differences that needed to be worked out before union? How was the name of the new Church decided upon? How was the issue of The Methodist Church’s race-based Central Jurisdiction resolved? And how did the 1969 union of the three Conferences in Wisconsin play out to create the new Wisconsin Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church?

Hear the Rev. Dan Dick reflect on this past history and how it informs our path forward for The United Methodist Church today.

Finally, join us for a local church historians’ workshop in which we will discuss successful strategies for the local church, have the opportunity to ask questions of Lynn Lubkeman, our Conference Archivist, and also celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Pine Lake Camp.

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Location - Rader Retreat Center, Pine Lake Camp