Peter Miano, Bible Study: Bible Study was led by Peter Miano, Executive Director of the Society for Biblical Studies. READ MORE.  

Bishop Jung, State of the Church: Bishop’s address was on the theme Leading with the Heart of Unity. He called for unity and offered his vision for the Wisconsin Option. Read his speech or watch it here.  

Deanna Shimko, Laity Address: Deanna Shimko, Conference Lay Leader, shared several highlights from the Board of Laity and introduced Board of Laity members. Ben Brancel was officially elected as the Associate Conference Lay Leader. Watch video.  

Youth Forum: 13 members of the Youth Delegation led this panel discussion on Gen Z and the Church. READ MORE.  

Vital Conversations: UMC Past, Present, and Future: Forrest Wells led this time for discussion on how members are feeling over the current state of The United Methodist Church. READ MORE.

Awards and Years of Service:Several individuals were recognized for their commitment to advancing missions and evangelism in Wisconsin and around the world. READ MORE.

New Ministries Strategy Board (formerly Conference Strategy Board): The New Ministries Strategy Board (formerly Conference Strategy Board) presentation celebrated New Church Starts and the 59 IDC Graduates. The Annual Conference voted on Action Item 7 to approve the board’s name change to “New Ministries Strategy Board.” View presentation.