The Consent Agenda, Nominations Report, and Statistics and Budget Report were presented. 

The Consent Agenda was voted on and approved. The Consent Agenda included Action Items #1 - #4 in the Annual Conference Workbook.

  • Action Item 1: Camp Promotion
  • Action Item 2: Youth Ministries Sunday
  • Action Item 3: United Methodist Women’s Sunday
  • Action Item 4: Resolution Relating to Rental/Housing Allowances for Retired or Disabled Clergypersons of the Wisconsin Annual Conference

Domnik Israel presented the Nominations Report and Action Item 14, “Proposed Change to Conference Rule 3.3.8.” Action Item #14 was voted on and approved.

Conference Statistician Don Cramer presented the Statistics Report and Tamara Wims presented the Budget Report. View the Statistics and Budget Presentation. Tamara first explained the 2018 budget reduction that was voted on by the Council of Finance and Administration (CFA) in July 2018. According to Policy 10.4.4, “Should the Council on Finance and Administration determine that receipts will be inadequate to meet emerging needs or unforeseen circumstances (¶612.7), the Council will consult with agencies receiving budgeted funds before adjusting payment appropriations or schedules. Adjustments that are made will be reported to the next session of the annual conference for ratification.”

Tamara also thanked the churches that paid 100% of their apportionments in 2018. View the list of churches here.

The budget presentation included a breakdown of the 2020 budget that will be voted on Sunday for Action Item 19, “Proposed 2020 Conference Budget.” The Budget can be viewed in the Annual Conference Workbook.

Jack Stubbs presented Action Item #21, “Proposed Replacement for Conference Policy 10.3.0,” submitted by the Council of Finance and Administration, The Connectional Table, and The Appointive Cabinet. There was a motion to substitute Action Item #21 with Action Item #23, also called “Proposed Replacement for Conference Policy 10.3.0.” Action Item 23 was submitted on behalf of Bethany United Methodist Church, Madison First United Methodist Church, Madison Monona United Methodist Church, Mount Horeb United Methodist Church, People’s United Methodist Church, Oregon Sun Prairie United Methodist Church, The Crossing Campus Ministry - a cooperative ministry of UM, American Baptist, and UCC denominations. Both Action Items #21 and #23 are included in the list of Additional Action Items that were not included in the workbook. The vote on Action Item #23 was postponed until Saturday due to time constraints.