On Sunday morning, Katie Reimer led opening worship and Jonah Holm from Zao MKE Church offered opening prayer. Thomas Kemper continued his Bible Study from Saturday. The Bible Study was based on Luke 10:1-11, when Jesus sends out seventy disciples in pairs.

On Saturday, Kemper had explained he saw four mission exhortations in this passage, and talked through the first one. On Sunday, he talked about the other three. The four mission exhortations were:

  1. You are like lambs in a wolf pack
  2. Travel light
  3. Accept the hospitality of strangers (and eat what they set before you)
  4. Shake off the dust from your feet

For each one, Kemper explained how it still relates to modern life and his personal experience with mission. Regarding the fourth one, "Shake off the dust from your feet," Kemper said. “It seems quite an astonishing exhortation for Jesus to say ‘move on, don’t impose yourself.’ Often we are told that we have to keep going, keep doing, and keep praying until people receive the Gospels.” Kemper explained that he heard someone interpret this passage to be about the indifference that missionaries may run into, and how to handle that. He went on, “You don’t know why all your efforts are met with indifference. Shake the dust off your feet. Don’t assume this is all about you. It’s not personal against you. It’s not a challenge for you. This isn’t failure; it’s a rejection. They are not the same thing. Don’t take out your anger on people when you have no idea what’s making them so bafflingly indifferent… Shake the dust off your feet and don’t judge them. That’s God’s job, not yours.”

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