The Launch Out! team returned to the stage on Sunday to talk about the Launch Out! fundraising campaign before voting on Action Item #18. Allie Scott and Steve Scott led the presentation on the $6.8 million campaign to deepen our commitment to mercy and justice, to reach new people for Christ throughout Wisconsin, and to revitalize what God is doing in our midst. Allie explained why this initiative is necessary, saying, “As successful as many of our current ministries are, we know the needs in our state stretch the capacity of our current institutions and programs. Whether we’re in Kenosha or Kimberly, Milwaukee or Menomonie, Christ is calling us to think beyond our current institutions and reach beyond our present reality.”

Steve discussed why the Launch Out! team believes this campaign will be successful, saying “We find hope in reaching new people because of past successful starts.” He gave several examples, such as: Still Waters UMC of Jackson, a church-start that’s been reaching new people for Christ for 22 years now; Verona’s Sugar River UMC that embodies the vision that began in Madison’s Asbury Church to reach a previously unreached community; and the transformative ministry of Urban Poema United Methodist Ministry.

Allie and Steve also described what would happen next if the Action Item was approved. “Upon approval of the Launch Out! campaign by this Annual Conference, CCS stands at the ready to begin. CCS is a strategic fundraising firm that partners with nonprofits, including many churches, for transformational change.”

View their presentation here. Other team members present on stage included: Tina Itson, Peace Kim, Amanda Stein, Michele Virnig, Bill White and Tamara Wims.

Action Item 18: Resolution to Authorize the Launch Out! Fundraising Campaign was approved. After the vote, Bishop Hee-Soo Jung announced that Laura Berry will be the chair of the campaign. View her bio.

Learn more about Launch Out! here.