At the service of Licensing, Commissioning, and Ordination, thirteen individuals were licensed as local pastors, four were commissioned for the work of an elder, two commissioned for the work of a deacon, three were ordained elders, and two individuals ordained in the Korean Methodist Church were recognized as Elders in Full Connection in the United Methodist Church. After the Gospel reading of Mark 8:34-38, Bishop Eduard Khegay from the Eurasia Episcopal Area gave his sermon The Way of Christ.

“Jesus says the way of Christ is full of rejection. It is a way of suffering and death,” Khegay said. He discussed what the way of Christ means in our modern life, “Today we live in a different era. At least in my country and in your country, I don’t see anybody killed or crucified because of faith. But try something like reforming your church, or try something to transform your community, and you may learn what the suffering and hostility is. I’m sure many of you have experienced that already in your ministry and your life.”

Bishop Khegay gave an example from his first appointment to a church in St. Petersburg. He was only 26-years old, and the congregation was much older than him. There were even parishioners who had gone through WWII. He remembers thinking, “Who am I to teach to these people? Preach to these people?” He continued, “I felt so small. They’ve experienced something I’ve never experienced: I was never in the war, I never experienced hunger, I never experienced anything the way they did. But I remembered what my professor said, ‘It’s not so important that you speak, but it’s important that you listen.’ After several months of my ministry, I realized so many people were grateful to me because I had listened to their stories. If we listen to people with love and patience, we can be good friends for them and encourage them. We can inspire them to go in the way of Christ.”

“But I want to say also the way of Christ is not only suffering. It is the way of resurrection. It is the way of joy and grace,” he said. Bishop Khegay concluded his sermon with, “Sisters and brothers, we are followers of Christ, going one with each other. When we do this hand in hand, God smiles on us and rejoices.”

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Below is a list of those licensed, commissioned, and ordained during this service.

Licensed Local Pastors

  • Penny Dahl
  • Michelle Hopp
  • Seongmin Kim
  • Claire Mather
  • Paul Messmer
  • Shadrach Muhima
  • Amy Powell
  • Laura Riemer
  • Lillianet Rosario
  • François Russell
  • Carlos Sandoval
  • Daniel Whitford
  • Jay Xiong

Commissioned for the Work of an Elder

  • Carlos I. Careaga
  • Hyejung Hwang
  • Gail E. Ray
  • Edwin Vargas

Commissioned for the Work of a Deacon

  • Kory Eichers Douglass
  • Andrew Raymond Jones

Ordained Elders

  • Edward William Crise
  • Kook Ho Kim
  • Allison Renée Scott

Recognized as Elders

  • AHyun Lee
  • Young Tae Lee