Entitled “Onward to Union,” James Droste, chair of the Wisconsin Conference Commission on Archives and History, and Sandy Kintner, Conference Historian, delivered a skit that gave insights into how the Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church formed a union 50 years ago. Barbara Dick provided the background as follows. The event took place in April of 1968 at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium where representatives from both churches gathered to consummate a union based on a decade of negotiations. Dick pointed out that there were four key individuals who “stood at the headwaters of our denominational tributaries that flowed into one Church,” including William Otterbein, Jacob Albright, Francis Asbury, and John Wesley.It was also explained that the real crux of the effort in the process toward union occurred two years prior, in November of 1966 at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago. Here, the delegates to the General Conferences for the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches met in adjacent ballrooms, separated by a twenty-foot corridor. For three and a half days they debated the final details of the Constitution, the Enabling Legislation, and the Plan for Union. Proposals and counter proposals were shuttled between these adjoining gatherings for the delegates consideration. For even the most dedicated delegate, as you can imagine, the continued debate became exhausting. The skit featured a conversation that “may have happened” between two Wisconsin delegates from the two Churches. Following the skit, Barbara Dick explained that the 800 plus delegates of the Methodist Conference approved union by more than 90 per cent. The vote in the EUB conference was much more dramatic. A three-quarter majority was needed, meaning if 102 of the 413 EUB delegates stood in opposition the proposed union would fail. But in the end, yea votes numbered 325 and the nay votes numbered 88, and the tally showed 79 percent standing in favor. The Wisconsin Conference celebrated the union at the “Together for 50 Years” banquet Saturday night. View script and slides here.