At Plenary on Saturday Morning, Allie Scott and Steve Scott gave a presentation on the Launch Out! fundraising campaign. Action Item #18, “Resolution to Authorize the Launch Out! Fundraising Campaign,” will be voted on Sunday morning. Launch Out! is a $6.8 million campaign to fund “a dream for the future” of the Conference. That total includes $2.92 million for developing new ministries, $2.48 million for mercy and justice ministries, $1.15 million for revitalization of current ministries, and $250,000 to pay for the campaign.

Allie explained, “Launch Out will focus on leadership development for laity and clergy, which more than any specific program will develop momentum.” Referencing Thomas Kemper’s Bible Study from earlier that morning, Steve said, “If Luke 10 is the vision for mission, then we believe Luke 5 gives us the steps on how to fill that mission.”

Allie and Steve encouraged everyone to view the handout that was included with the registration packet and answered several questions about the campaign. View the handout here. They also urged people to tweet with the hashtag #LaunchOutWI if they had any thoughts or questions they wanted to share about the campaign. Other Launch Out! information is available here. Other team members present on stage included: Tina Itson, Peace Kim, Amanda Stein, Michele Virnig, Bill White and Tamara Wims.