The Conference Strategy Board (CSB) has the responsibility to plant new ministries, in new places, for new people. CSB Chair Julie Wilson highlighted many of the accomplishments of the board in the Saturday session of Annual Conference. In the last seven years (2012-2018), 25 new ministries have been started. The Conference Strategy Board currently supports 17 new ministries. For leadership development, 54 clergy and laity graduated from the Institute of Congregational Development (ICD) from the 2015-2018 session. Eighteen participants will graduate in December.The Spanish version of ICD, Instituto de Desarrollo Congregacional (IDC), was started last September, and this year, 40 participants are graduating.

Wilson presented a video highlighting several new ministries that have successfully launched in Wisconsin. Six new ministries have started since last Annual Conference, including Milwaukee: African Ministry, Milwaukee: Daai Christian Fellowship, New Lisbon (Vital Merger), Oshkosh First: African Ministry, Rib Lake: Oasis Hispanic Ministry, and Watertown: Restauración Hispanic Ministry.

Director of Congregational Development Jorge Luis Mayorga said, “The Office of Congregational Development will continue encouraging local congregations to develop a culture of planting, to plant new ministries that can connect people in their communities to God.” Jorge presented the 36 lay members and four clergy who are graduating from the Instituto de Desarrollo Congregacional. Bishop Hee-Soo Jung celebrated the graduates and said, “This is an amazing witness of this church. I hope you are proud of it. This is an amazing moment.” View the CSB presentation here.