During the Presentation of the 2019 Budget, Conference Statistician Don Cramer first explained how data submitted through EZRA, the central database for the United Methodist Church, is used to calculate apportionments. Next Conference Treasurer Tamara Wims, CPA, presented the 2019 Budget, Action Item #19, which will come to a vote on Sunday. Wims reported that the proposed budget of $6,783,839 is lower than the 2018 budget. She explained that our Wisconsin Policy 10.4.1 states that the budget “…shall not increase over the previous year’s budget in any given year more than the percentage increase in the Conference total of local church expenses for the previous year…” However, the 2019 budget was also determined based on statistical data and apportionment receipts anticipated. In 2017 apportionment receipts were less than actual expenses. Wims noted that most of our boards and agencies have lower budgets in 2019, with significant decreases in the Personnel and Cabinet budgets.

Last year, our congregations gave $6,629,625 in Apportionments (80.1%) and $1,296,026 in Second Mile Giving. Wims also pointed out that the Wisconsin Conference is one of 29 Conferences that paid their apportionments to the General Conference in full. Click here to see her PowerPoint presentation.

Wims also explained how the 2019 budget is being spent. Here is the breakdown:

  • 33% is proposed for connectional ministries in Wisconsin, including mission projects, campus ministries, camps, health and welfare ministries, and staff leadership.
  • 26% is proposed for local congregational development, which includes the Conference Strategy Board's work with new church starts and the Institute for Congregational Development; the Cabinet's support for revitalization and critical ministries, and more.
  • 25% is designated to support the global and national connectional ministries. This represents our Conference Apportionments paid to the General Church.
  • 9% is dedicated to cultivating and empowering the clergy and laity leadership of our Conference. This also provides support to campus ministries within our Conference area.
  • 7% of our budget covers Conference support ministries

According to Wims, “Our goal is to have every church participate in Connectional Giving at 100%. We can meet our Apportionment goal through several methods, including educating on connectional giving, training for church finance officers, identifying new funding sources for churches, and evaluating apportionment formula.” For apportionment resources, visit WisconsinUMC.org/Finance.

The Consent Agenda was also voted on and approved Friday afternoon:

  • Action Item #1: Camp Promotion
  • Action Item #2: United Methodist Youth Sunday
  • Action Item #3: United Methodist Women’s Sunday
  • Action Item #4: Ministry Celebration Sunday
  • Action Item #7 Resolution Relating to Rental/Housing Allowances for Retired or Disabled Clergypersons of the Wisconsin Conference
  • Action Item #10: 2019 Comprehensive Benefit Funding Plan Summary
  • Action Item #14: 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages

For more information about the Action Items, visit this link to the Workbook.