The 2015 Wisconsin Annual Conference session began with the Oneida Tribal Drum Circle sanctifying the Annual Conference space at the Madison Marriott West. According to the performers, the ceremony unifies the people in the room and brings them to one mind.

Mark Miller and his band shared lively gospel tunes, and he encouraged attendees to use the worship time as a starting point for truly Living the Fruits of the Spirit. “`Let’s begin our work with a heartfelt prayer, he said. “Lord prepare our hearts and souls that the fruits of the spirit may grow in us.”

Bishop Jung and Susan Bresser, Chair of Program and Arrangements, also welcomed attendees by thanking them for coming from all parts of Wisconsin to gather together. “We come from all corners of Wisconsin, but all of us share a desire to live and serve more faithfully, Bishop Jung said. Bresser added, “There are many here you do not know, yet we are brothers and sisters in Christ. What we have in common is a love of Jesus and the Church. We thank God for the blessing of our shared ministry.”

Bishop Han Ku Kim, the 22nd bishop of the Dongbu Conference, preached about Prophet Isaiah, who mentions three aspects of the one whom God has promised to look to: the humble, the contrite in spirit, and those who tremble in reverence at the Word of God. Bishop Kim drew upon personal experience to talk about a time he experienced God’s grace by accepting and obeying His word. During a battle with lung cancer four years ago, half of his left lung was cut out. By putting his trust in God, he was able to find his way through the pain. “When you listen to and obey God’s word, a way opens up,” Bishop Kim said. “Though the way may be long, rough, and lonely, it leads surely to life eternal. We have to walk to the end of this way to heaven. Let us keep the mindset that trembles at the word of God. The absolute obedience to God’s word is the way to blessing and life.” Click here for Bishop Kim’s full sermon and click here for his PowerPoint slides.