Bishop Han Ku Kim greeted Annual Conference members during Opening Plenary on Friday. Bishop Kim, who is visiting Wisconsin for the third time, said our Conference has inspired him to encourage more women to enter into ministry in the Dongbu Conference in Korea. He said that for the first time, thirty percent of the Dongbu Annual Conference members are women, and thirty percent of its delegates to the General Conference are women. “I was challenged to help more women be elected as delegates when Bishop Sharon Rader and Bishop Linda Lee visited Dongbu conference,” Bishop Kim said. “I thank the two bishops and female members of Wisconsin Conference for being a model.” He went on to say, “May God intervene in all the churches, the clergy, and the members of Wisconsin Conference so that the church may grow, the businesses do well, and the families be happy. I pray in the name of the Lord that Wisconsin Conference may be able to go out to the world with the slogan, ‘The world is my parish’ and be a model conference for the United Methodist Church.” Click here to read his greeting and click here for his PowerPoint slides.

Bishop Jung presented a plaque to Bishop Kim and the delegates from the Dongbu Conference commemorating our partnership with their Conference. Bishop Kim also presented a check to Bishop Jung, which Bishop Jung designated to give to Imagine No Malaria.