At the service of Licensing, Commissioning, and Ordination, Bishop Jung encouraged those participating to remember several main things: first, that the mystery of “One with Christ” expresses the ultimate desire for our life and ministry; second, to remember your role as a servant leader; and third, to work together for unity.

Bishop read several passages from the Gospel of John, and talked about how they reminded him of love letters he wrote to his wife Im before they were married. “John’s Gospel are love letters from God,” he said. “My letters invited Im to become one with me. John’s Gospel invites us to become one with each other, with Jesus, with God.”

“John goes to extremes. According to him, we’re one with each other, one with Jesus, one with God. We can no longer live as though each other’s lives were of no concern to us. We who follow Jesus are connected because God has brought us together.” Just as Bishop and Im are now connected for eternity, he said, “We’re connected to God, to Jesus, to each other. Our lives are connected – whether we like it or not.”

Bishop Jung also talked about the stoles that the ordinands received, and how they represent the symbol of a towel. “When I was ordained, I saw myself as a servant; a servant of servants of God. This is still my definition of ministry. My prayer, as we meditate Jesus’ Prayer, is a radical version of discipleship for you. In this vigorous act of hope, you will be a servant for all, daringly transposed into a vison of astonishing inclusiveness by restoring community in every place in Wisconsin.”

There were 45 participants in the conference choir, and an offering for the Clergy in Transition Fund raised $2,221.06. Click here to read Bishop's full speech. Click here for pictures from the service.

Below is a list of those licensed, commissioned, and ordained during this service.

Ordained Elders

  • PyungAhn “Peace” Kim
  • Jeffrey Meyer
  • Susan Oeffler
  • Toua Thao
  • Angela Utter

Recognized as Elders

  • Myunghoon Han
  • Sukhyun Jung

Commissioned for the Work of an Elder

  • Douglas Clement
  • Breanna Illéné
  • Changki Kim

Ordained Deacon

  • Susan Amann

Licensed Local Pastors

  • Joshua Bourget
  • Jonah Holm
  • Kellen Roggenbuck
  • Timothy Gurlea
  • Richard Haberland
  • Lynne Hines-Levy
  • Anna-Lisa Hunter
  • Denise Kwiatkowski
  • Christopher Leistra
  • Claire Mather
  • Karyn Michels
  • Pamela Priewe
  • Robert Yarbrough