Julie Wilson, Conference Strategy Board (CSB) chair, reported on what the CSB is doing to reach new people. She said the CSB is currently supporting 24 new ministries, and in the last five years, 15 new ministries in 15 new places with 15 new people have been launched. Additionally, two new faith communities have started since last Annual Conference: Zao MKE and Sparta Hispanic Ministry.

“We plan to continue growing,” Director of Congregational Development Jorge Luis Mayorga said. “We continue encouraging local congregations to continue growing, and plant new ministries that can connect people in communities to God. We must shift our thinking of just fixing churches to encouraging churches to have the passion to plant new ministries.” He said the CSB hopes to plant five new faith communities in the next quadrennium – at least one in each of our five districts. He hopes to work with ethnic caucuses throughout the state to identify new areas for ministries.

One of the ways the CSB trains and equips leaders is through the Institute of Congregational Development (ICD).  Jenny Huffman, ICD Coordinator, reported that 26 participants graduated from the ICD in 2016, and 28 more will graduate in July. The third ICD class will start in January 2018, and the first-ever Spanish-language ICD, Instituto de Desarrollo Congregacional, will begin in September 2017. Click here for a brochure with more information on ICD.

“All this can only happen with your prayers and financial support,” Mayorga said, adding that 30% of our apportionments will support starting new ministries and congregational revitalization. Bishop Jung said, “Pray for them as we start 100 new churches. This is our dream for Imagining Wisconsin Anew.”

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