Amanda Stein and Randy Chapin, co-chairs for the Make A-New Wisconsin task force, presented the results of the year-long feasibility study for a major financial campaign in the Wisconsin Conference.  The James Company and Make A-New Wisconsin task force are recommending a second year of the study, to be completed within the original $60,000 budget established at the 2016 Annual Conference. Action Item #24, the resolution to continue the study, was approved during Sunday’s plenary.

“There is support for the vision and an eventual financial campaign,” Stein said. “But we heard you, loud and clear, that we are not ready. Wisconsin has a heart for service, and connecting with those in need. We are proposing another year of work without additional cost to you. We need to better establish this vision.”

Chapin and Stein explained that during the 29 listening sessions, and 92 one-on-one interviews, the task force gathered feedback and suggestions about the proposed financial campaign. Leaders met with the James Company in April to discuss the results, and prepare a recommendation to the 2017 Annual Conference.

“The task force has heard you: we need to listen and work with you, and light a fire underneath what is currently lukewarm support for the campaign,” Chapin said. “No silver bullet will magically eliminate the hardships we’re facing in our local congregations and Conference. An aging population and shrinking budget are challenges we face. By God’s help and continuing to work together, we can continue to change the trajectory.”

The James Company believes the Wisconsin Annual Conference is positioned to undertake a $5 million financial campaign over a five- year period, to fund critical priorities and build capacity for the financial health of the congregations and the Conference. A yes/no recommendation will be presented to the 2018 Annual Conference.

Click here to see the slides from the presentation with more information about the feasibility study and vision for the financial campaign.