Action Items 11-28 and one motion were brought to Annual Conference during Sunday’s Plenary. Seventeen were approved; some amended. One was ruled out of order. A motion presented Friday to amend the budget was also ruled out of order. Specific amendment information will be published in the Conference Journal. The General Conference Amendments to the Constitution of The United Methodist Church, Action Item 25, was also brought forward; the amendment votes will be reported to the Council of Bishops Office to the attention of the Executive Secretary.

A Motion for a Mental Health Awareness Sunday was proposed by Youth Delegate Sierra Gyrina.

A friendly amendment was accepted to make the motion read: “Mental Health and Disabilities Awareness Sunday.” The amended motion passed.

The items acted on and approved include:

  • Action Item 11: Changes to Program and Arrangements Committee Rule 3.3.9 (approved)
  • Action Item 12: Changes to Conference Policy 10.0.0 (approved)
  • Action Item 13: Changes to Conference Moving Policy 20.0.0 (approved)
  • Action Item 14: Changes to Pastoral Compensation Policy 50.0.0 (approved)
  • Action Item 15: Changes to Conference Clergy Housing Policy 60.0.0 (approved as amended)
  • Action Item 16: Proposed New Conference Policy: Annual Conference Display Tables (approved as amended)
  • Action Item 17: Holding Israel Accountable for Its Actions in Palestine (approved)
  • Action Item 18: Welcoming the Migrant and Refugee (approved)
  • Action Item 19: In Support of the Wisconsin Board of Ordained Ministry and Support of Non-Compliance (Ruled Out of Order)
  • Action Item 20: Protection of Peaceful Assembly and Religious Expression (approved)
  • Action Item 21: Covenant of Affiliation Between United Methodist Hospitals Ministry and the Wisconsin Conference (approved)
  • Action Item 22: Covenant of Affiliation Between Cedar Crest, Inc. and the Wisconsin Conference (approved)
  • Action Item 23: Covenant of Affiliation Between Hillcrest Family Services and the Wisconsin Conference (approved)
  • Action Item 24: Continue the Feasibility Study for Major Financial Campaign (approved)
  • Action Item 26: 2018 Conference Budget (approved)
  • Action Item 27: Deletion of Discipleship Leadership Council and Replacement: Changes to Rule 3.3.2 d and e (approved as amended)
  • Action Item 28: Discontinuance of Milwaukee: Aldersgate United Methodist Church (approved)
  • Nominations Report (approved)

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