Sharon Cook, Director of Camp, Retreat, and Age-Level Ministries celebrated a successful spring youth leader training that saw participants from all five districts. She also commended the hard work and dedication of the 13 youth delegates to Annual Conference.

She and Bill Busch also presented recent research done recently at ELCA Lutheran camps in Southwestern Wisconsin at sites very similar to Pine Lake and Lake Lucerne. "Camp does not appear to cause lasting change in general belief or agreement with doctrinal statements, but has clear and lasting impacts on campers’ understanding that faith matters and the communal elements of faith are important," Cook said. "The theological depth of camp, it turns out, lies not in doctrine, but rather in connecting young people to Christian community, fostering increased devotional practices, promoting faith conversations, and providing experience-based evidence that faith is relevant in everyday life."

Click here to see the PowerPoint sildes from their presentation.