“Our theme for this Annual Conference is One with Christ. This is a very big statement indeed when we attempt to apprehend the “allness” of it. I believe it calls us into places we have not dreamed about yet. At our Friday evening session of Bishop’s Convocation of Laity Leadership in March, we talked about “imagination” as in Imagine Wisconsin Anew. An active imagination is key, as in thinking out of the box. But it is much more than that. I think imagination is one of the most underutilized, under-exercised God-given gifts, especially in our service to God. I suspect that to imagine freely involves surrender – surrender to God. This is where it becomes a matter of not my will, but your will, O Lord. We talk about God-sized dreams in our Conference; I think that “Imagine Wisconsin Anew” is about God-sized dreams. And I think “One with Christ” is about God-sized dreams. It is our hope. It is our salvation! It is the Kingdom come!

“Laity Session last night was graced with two bishops. We look forward every Laity Session to the inspiration, encouragement, affirmation, and challenge that Bishop Hee-Soo Jung brings to us. We were also privileged to hear from Bishop Heon Young Choi, and sisters and brothers of Dongbu Conference of The Korean Methodist Church. We learned more about our Conference to Conference relationship as we celebrate 13 years of our sister conference partnership, entered into in 2004. It is God’s good gift to us that so-called obstacles melt away when we reach toward each other and open our hearts. In these 13 years of sister Conference relationship, there have been exchanges and comings and goings of laity and clergy, youth and adults, men and women.

"But there are so many more opportunities to be explored. Let us be proactive to form relationships and exchanges between local congregations in Wisconsin and Dongbu Conferences, including women’s groups, men’s groups, youth and children. God will bless our efforts as God has done for those who have already formed relationships and exchanges. It would be wonderful for you, too, to have the surprising and exciting life experiences that open our eyes, and enrich our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. Many of you know this from other partnerships and sponsorships you have, especially in missions around the world. I hope I have peaked your interest, and that your interest will mature into invitations to exchange and be in relationship with a church, a group, and individuals in Dongbu Conference. So, while our Korean sisters and brothers are here, now is the time to greet them, and open a conversation about an exchange with your church.”

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