Part 1 of The Book of Discipline (¶¶1-61) comprises the Constitution of The United Methodist Church. Five amendments were presented to the 2016 General Conference and were passed, by a two-thirds majority. To be ratified, votes must be taken in all annual and central conferences, and two-thirds of our conferences must approve them. Constitutional Amendments are unique in that there is no discussion or debate on them, no amendments or substitutions are allowed, and they each receive a simple “yes, I approve” or “no, I reject” vote. Only questions for clarification are allowed. No discussion of rationale or intentions will be entertained. A ballot will be distributed with Amendments 1-5, and yes/no check boxes, to the voting members present at Annual Conference on Sunday, June 18 at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon. The final results of all the balloting will be shared following the first Council of Bishop’s meeting after voting is completed.