Don Greer, Coordinator of Circuit Ministry, updated the Conference on the progress of Circuit Ministries in Wisconsin. He said that this past year was mainly a time of reorganization and follow through, adapting to the five new districts, conducting Clergy Circuit Leadership Training, and developing Laity Circuit Teams.

A priority now is to continue to identify Laity Circuit Teams. He indicated that, at Laity Convo, several laity shared what they are already doing and why. All teams that are forming are different, but their purpose and function are the same—to find new ways to reach new people with new ministry, and be part of a larger project to revitalize the Church.

We currently have 25 Laity Circuit Teams, including 130 members across all districts, at various levels of development, and more are coming.

Greer also announced that the Bishop is also planning to travel again and visit all circuits later this year. Click here to view Don Greer’s PowerPoint.