The following individuals were recognized for their commitment to advancing missions and evangelism in Wisconsin and around the world with the following awards:

  • Bridge Builder Award was given to Donna Veatch for bridging ethnic peoples together.
  • Francis Asbury Award was given to Anna-Lisa Hunter for excellence in campus ministry.
  • Perry Saito Awards were given to two people in recognition of their commitment and dedication to ministries of compassion and social justice: Bishop Hee-Soo Jung, Clergy; and Allegra Zick, Laity.
  • Love in Action Award was given to Felice Bastian in recognition of her excellent ministry through disaster response, relief and recovery.
  • Harry Denman Evangelism Awards were given to two people practicing evangelism in their everyday lives and through the church:  Ken and Ellie Schemenauer, Laity; and Clare Danielle Day, Youth.
  • Thelma Gregg Mission Awards were given to Debbie Gilliam and Clarence Harm for demonstrated Christian commitment in tireless promotion of the missionary outreach of the Church.

Each year at Annual Conference, the Commission on Archives and History celebrates length of service to The United Methodist Church at the points of 25 years, 50 years, 60 years, and 70 or more years.  The years are counted from the time an individual was first “On Trial,” or from the date of their first appointment in The United Methodist Church or one of our predecessor denominations. This year, the Commission recognized 25 clergy for varying years of service, including nine with 60 or more years, and three with 70 years or more: George Wesley Buchanan with 72 years, Robert J. Trobaugh with 73 years, and Marvin A. Schilling with 79 years. Click here for a complete list of the Length of Service honorees.